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Glass Four seasons

This glass provides increased comfort throughout the year. During spring the "Comfort 4 seasons" glass ensures a constant temperature, regardless of climate change. During summer it ensures a constant temperature even in the hot days, and thus the costs for air conditioning are lower. The constant temperature is obtained with the solar control function, which is two times more efficient than the ordinary double glazing. 
The glass is produced using low emissivity layers, which helps reflect the long wave infrared radiation and the heat of the sun. These layers are obtained in a vacuum and in a controlled atmosphere, through cathode sputtering, using special equipment.

Comfort throughout
the entire year

optimal combination of two essential attributes in one product

Optimal sun protection
It helps reducing the use of air conditioner

Excellent neutral appearance
The clarity of the glass does not distort colors

Excellent thermal insulation
Energy saving in winter.

Guardian ClimaGuard® Solar filters different wavelengths of solar radiation, predominantly the infrared waves, which would otherwise heat the inside space of the building. These are reflected, allowing the natural light, at the same time, to enter without any restriction.