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PremiDoor 88

The robust build offers the possibility of the panes being from floor to ceiling.

The slide doors Premidoor88 are part of modern architectural concepts with big Glas surfaces which allow the viewing of beautiful vistas.

The large Glas surface allows the light into the room to create a tranquil ambiance.

Premidoor 88 opens easily thanks to the innovative mechanism. The lift-slide hardware system allows a sash weight of up to 400kg but at the same time offers an easy and silent handling of the sash.

Compared to the previous Premidoor 70 System, the new Premidoor 88 system offers a higher level of innovative sealing thanks to the additional gaskets.

ALU clip: Premidoor 88 doors with Alu clip combine the best of two worlds. The functionality and modern look of aluminum, which confers an exclusive look, with the advantageous thermal properties of PVC.

System PremiDoor88


Color profiles are available:
• Laminated both sides in the same color (support material white or brown)
• Laminated both sides in different colors (support material white or brown)
• Laminated inside (support material white or brown)
• Laminated outside (support material white or brown)