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The PremiLine doors bring a touch of style to your house or apartment.Comfort can take many forms. Such as handling a PremiLine door. The sliding doors are easy to open or close, a simple touch being sufficient.
Even for large sizes, the PremiLine system provides an exceptionally easy handling.
Thanks to the robustness of this system, the door has a high degree of safety and a long lasting functionality.

For diverse glass thicknesses up to 28 mm

Three chamber profile cross section with 54 mm building depth

A track variant facilitates barier-free building

Large scale steel reinforcements with high static properties and precision fit in hardware

Support lobes position the steel reinforcement and secure it at a distance as a measure to counteract heat transfer

Preinstalled brush pile and coextruded PCE glazing gasket

System PremiLine


Color profiles are available:
• Laminated both sides in the same color (support material white or brown)
• Laminated both sides in different colors (support material white or brown)
• Laminated inside (support material white or brown)
• Laminated outside (support material white or brown)