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Rondo new profile system offers homeowners high creativity. Besides compelling functionality, it offers the great advantage of allowing almost any window shape. Moreover, this system has all the quality features to ensure the window's longlasting functionality on all types of buildings: houses, buildings, hospitals, hotels, commercial.
Ideal synthesis between aesthetics and functionality Rondo windows are durable, weather resistant, easy to maintain, and after years they maintain their visual appeal.

The innovative STV® static dry glazing offers many advantages such as higher insulation, better stability and better security

Timeless classic design with rounded or straight glazing beads and frames

Easy to clean due to the large channel of the frame

High stability due to reinforced steel frame and thick sash

Efficient use of materials in profile design helping to conserve resources and protect the environment

System S8000 6K

Construction depth of 74 mm for outstanding thermal insulation properties


Color profiles are available:
• Laminated both sides in the same color (support material white or brown)
• Laminated both sides in different colors (support material white or brown)
• Laminated inside (support material white or brown)
• Laminated outside (support material white or brown)